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Starbuck Books

Starbuck Centennial History Book

by the Starbuck Study Club

Norwegians on the Prairie

by Odd S. Lovoll

The Last Word on Lefse

by Gary Legwold

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Book- LastWordOnLefse-HeartwarmingStorie
Starbuck, Minnesota
Starbuck High School

Starbuck High School Basketball

Book by Matt Pederson

Excerpts with team pictures and rosters

Big Lefse feeds Big Stories

Lefse leaves the griddle and goes into the press. Check out these lefse stories.

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Finding Minnesota:
Lefse Hall of Fame

Featuring the NEW Lefse Hall of Fame at the Starbuck Depot, this Finding Minnesota segment showcases the museum's record lefse displays.


World's Largest Lefsa:
Advice from Starbuck, MN

As KFGO Radio in Fargo prepares to set the record for the world's largest cake walk, Amy and JJ reach out to Starbuck Depot member, Harvey Pederson, for advice about being a record setter.

Ribbon Cutting.jpg

Lefse Hall of Fame
Ribbon Cutting

Estensen describes the grand opening of the Starbuck Depot's Lefse Hall of Fame and reflects on lefse's involvement in his ancestors' journey from Norway to America.

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