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 Schoolhouse Museum

School Day Memories

The schoolhouse displays artifacts from both days long past in a one room country school as well as our more recent memories of Starbuck High School.

From Minnewaska Township, the schoolhouse educates visitors about the days of country school and Starbuck High. Antique desks, readers, and maps furnish the school building. Starbuck Buck uniforms, class photos, and other SHS memorabilia fill the schoolhouse.

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Listen! Starbuck High Band 1968

Starbuck High School

Concert and Stage Band

Mr. Rolf W. Mohwinkel, Director

Mr. Mohwinkle.JPG
Starbuck High School Basketball
Hear the School Bell Ring

Book by Matt Pederson

Excerpts with team pictures and rosters

(Click to see excerpts)

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Listen to the old school bell ring again. Its proud chimes fill the depot grounds.

Just don't be late for class!

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