Lefse Days

LEFSE DAGEN 2019 is Saturday, May 18th

Schedule of events coming soon!

In 1983, a large crowd gathered on depot grounds to witness an unlikely feat. The crowd anxiously overlooked the Starbuck Lions and baker Larry Kittelson as they attempted to create the world's largest lefse. After careful planning and execution, the bakers rolled out a 9 feet, 8 inches piece of lefse and transferred it onto a massive griddle. Though the project was risky, the success was enormous. The crowd was rewarded with lefse and the accomplishment was preserved in Norway's "Schibsted Book of Records."

Starbuck continues to celebrate this record setting lefse each May. Lefse Dagen, or Lefse Days, is a time for people to gather, learn how to make lefse, eat lefse, and celebrate lefse. The museum buildings are open for tours, and there is plenty of delicious food (including lefse and other Norwegian specialities). Special entertainment also compliments the event.

To learn more about the creation of the World's Largest Lefse,

check out our Lefse Hall of Fame.

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Come Join the Fun at the Depot on May 19, 2018!

Lots of food and entertainment!


Glacial Hills Elementary students will be performing at 11 a.m. followed by music from Craig Torgerson, including country, classic, new pop, some 50s, and light rock.

The Skoglund Building has been restored from the extensive water damage that happened last fall. The displays have been renewed and improved and a new display has been added to commemorate the Starbuck Lions Club.