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Lefse Hall of Fame

Members of the Giant Lefse Baking Team were Maurice Amundson, John Gorder, Tilford Jergenson, Luverne Jorgenson, Larry Kittelson, Earl Larson, Chuck Wahlquist, and Maurice Walline.

On July 1, 1983, the world's largest lefse was born. The people of Starbuck, Minnesota gathered to witness this amazing feat and were rewarded with a bite of the giant lefse. The lefse was 9 feet, 8 inches in diameter and is recorded in Norway's Schibsted Book of Records.

Creating the World's Largest Lefse

Governor Declares Lefse Dagen

in Starbuck, MN

On April 21, 1987, the governor of Minnesota, Rudy Perpich, declared that in celebration of the Lefse Crew's accomplishment, Lefse Dagen would be celebrated annually on May 16 in Starbuck, Minnesota. The legacy of the record setting 9'8" lefse would be honored by citizens of Starbuck willing to "consume ample quantities of lefse" and "emphasize the variety of ways to serve the delicacy", according to the governor.

Lefse Dagen proclamation.jpg
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