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Starbuck Depot
and School Museum

A Place to Gather and Remember

The Starbuck Depot Museum serves a center for the community of Starbuck to gather and reminisce. It is a place that celebrates the rich Norwegian heritage of Starbuck and the railway that ran through it. Memories of old school days and a younger Starbuck live here.

Stop in Your Tracks and Visit the Starbuck Depot Museum

The Depot Museum is home to a variety of buildings and exhibits that offer a glimpse into the past life of Starbuck and all of central Minnesota. We love visitors! For more information about the depot's facets, see our exhibits page.


Starbuck is known for its Norwegian inspired town celebrations. The community gathers at the Depot for three major festivals each year. Consider joining the fun this year and be sure to check out these exciting events!


Lefse is BIG in Starbuck! Learn about the creation of the World's Largest Lefse in our Lefse Hall of Fame.

Home of the Lefse Hall of Fame

Learn about the famous 1983 9'8" lefse and its creators.

So Much to See and Do


The Depot

1882 depot building. Antique rail memorabilia and the tools used to make the World's Largest Lefse.

Check out our Events page to learn more about upcoming events.

See the Thursday Night on the Town schedule here.

Velkommen -- Welcome

Velkommen is a greeting, and it is the feeling of being accepted. At the Starbuck Depot Museum, we embrace the concept of velkommen. We love celebrating old traditions. Even more, we love being a community gathering place where new faces and traditions are welcome.

velkommen boy.png
velkommen girl.png

2024 Depot Events

Lefse Dagen

Saturday, May 18

10am -- 2pm

Heritage Days

Saturday, July 6

10am -- 2pm

Night on the Town

June -- August

Thursdays 4:30 -- 7pm

Eple Tiden

Saturday, September 28

10am -- 2pm

Big Lefse feeds Big Stories

Lefse leaves the griddle and goes into the press. Check out these lefse stories.

CBS lefse.PNG

Finding Minnesota:
Lefse Hall of Fame

Featuring the NEW Lefse Hall of Fame at the Starbuck Depot, this Finding Minnesota segment showcases the museum's record lefse displays.


World's Largest Lefsa:
Advice from Starbuck, MN

As KFGO Radio in Fargo prepares to set the record for the world's largest cake walk, Amy and JJ reach out to Starbuck Depot member, Harvey Pederson, for advice about being a record setter.

Ribbon Cutting.jpg

Lefse Hall of Fame
Ribbon Cutting

Estensen describes the grand opening of the Starbuck Depot's Lefse Hall of Fame and reflects on lefse's involvement in his ancestors' journey from Norway to America.

Thank you for your support throughout the years!

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We greatly appreciate the commitment and generosity of the Starbuck community and other Depot friends since our founding in 1983. It would be impossible to preserve this significant piece of history without the assistance of so many individuals and groups. Your donation of time, finances, and skills is what makes this all possible. We encourage you to become (or stay) involved with the Depot in any capacity you are willing to. Sign up to receive our newsletter, alert us with any questions or feedback, and let us know if you are interested in volunteering opportunities. We love to hear from you!
Contact Us
PO Box 512, Starbuck, MN 56381

Blaine Pederson (320)-424-2253
Harvey Pederson (320)-334-1013
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